Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I'm The Worst

Why am I the worst?  Because I haven't kept up with hardly any of the creative endeavors I have in the oven over the 2015 year.  I have been playing live a bunch and stuff like that, but not really dedicating myself to the Stranjo Banjo effort.  I have done some recording this year, and it essentially has culminated into an EP of sorts.  It is called COMPU CAVERNS.  It is gonna be up on the Bandcamp site real soon, like within days.  Hell...maybe even tonight so that tomorrow on Thanksgiving you can have some ripe tunage to sink your teeth into after grandma's yams.  COMPU CAVERNS is chock full of dripping reverb goodness.  Sure to remind you of one of your many spelunking trips into the depths of the earth's sedimentary layers, this EP is best listened to at high volume with ceremonial smoke rings floating through the air.


Also, soon on the horizon, Stranjo Banjo Records, will be putting out it's first metal release by the artist known as Monk of the High Lord.    Full on ear assault.  As I am typing this I am listening to Amorphis' The Karelian Isthmus.  Damn is it awesome!!  Listen to them too, but be ready for the Monk to blow your eternal spirit into a dust cloud, to be swept away to the heart of Valhalla.  

Monk of the High Lord

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