Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Don't know what to get that family member or co-worker for Christmas?  Sure, you could go down the same old route of gift cards, and blase knick-knacks that eventually get put in garage sales, OR...you could bless your loved ones with some sweet, soothing melodies from the Stranjo Banjo music catalog.  A catalog that is about to grow by two.  Because now introducing, just in time for the holidays, two brand new albums to come out of the Stranjo Banjo universe.  The first, for all you cowboys and cowgirls, is the highly anticipated Stranjo Banjo Presents...It's About to Get Country Up In Here
Second, on a more shoegaze, psychedelic trip comes the even more highly anticipated Stranjo Banjo Presents...Bright Pink Buffalo Drink. 

Santa and Mrs. Clause are sure to be rocking this record as they prepare for the final weeks leading up to Christmas.  It's rumored that Santa likes to spike the elves hot cocoa with LSD, put on something from the Stranjo Banjo music catalog and get to making toys!  This album is sure to get the elves minds swirling as they put together your child's Easy Bake oven.  With songs like Dead Rabbit, I Dive Slow, and Bright Pink Buffalo Drink, you can rest assured your holidays will be a fuzzed out space jangle full off peppermint scented feedback.  

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